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PerseusMagic Fund

Cancer treatment requires a substantial financial outlay. There are many dedicated dog owners who are not financially prepared to pay the astronomical fees necessary for cutting edge cancer treatment.

Finding out your dog has been diagnosed with cancer is hard enough to cope with. So when pet parents find out the cost of cancer treatment for their pet, that can make things seem hopeless.

The PerseusMagicFund seeks to fill a gap that currently exists for pet owners who are seeking novel and costly treatment forms and require help in defraying cost. This fund is specific to Bone Marrow Transplantation, T Cell Adoptive Immunotherapy and SRS. It is a nationwide program.

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Arts & Science in Harmony

Education through Unique Events

The Perseus magic fund

Financial Assistance

Provides Financial Assistance for T Cell Therapy & Bone Marrow Transplantation

Cancer Care

Saluting our Heroes

Cancer Treatment Fund for RWDs, CWDs.

our current research initiatives

hemangiosarcoma study and t cell infusion for b cell lymphoma